Team Survival

In this game, teams or tribes must complete (and compete in) a variety of tasks and challenges around the venue, planning and coordinating their group and resources carefully. The objective is to score as many points for your tribe as possible.

Challenges can be as physically demanding (or not!) as the client chooses from jungle trekking, blowpipes to intense team problem solving.

Tribes can select the order in which they complete activities but there are certain restrictions (e.g. only three teams can attempt the same activity at a time � so flexibility and change management will be required). Scoring is dynamic meaning that the number of points awarded to a tribe for that challenge will depend on their performance in relation to all the other tribes. (e.g. the team with the overall fastest time for a challenge scores the most points for that challenge).

Immunity � each tribe has one Immunity �joker� to play which doubles their points on the challenge they choose and means they cannot be voted off that challenge. The finale of Team Survival is a Tribal Council where voting strategy and alliances will determine the ultimate winning individuals and team.

Team Survival is a unique, fast moving, high energy, multi faceted, competitive corporate team activity loosely based on “Survivor.”

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Outdoor Encourages Creativity
Duration: 3 Hours to Full Day Effective Management of Resources
Minimum Participants: 24 Promotes Problem Solving
Maximum Participants: 800 Shared Experience
Team Size: 15 - 18 Participants per Team Supports Strategic Planning
Video: View Video Unifies the Group
Full Description: Download Full Description Visualising the Future