Team of Teams


Different teams (representing divisions of a corporation) must each design and continuously improve a process to optimize return from an operational system involving three variables – throwing (sales), retrieval (operations support) and risk management.

The process is represented by an exciting, high energy, ball throwing activity. In 3-minute scoring rounds, teams must maximize their income using the limited resources available. Their goal is to be as creative as possible in their approach and solutions.

Teams have opportunities to develop and improve their systems given the available resources and skills of the team as each team completes as many 3-minute scoring rounds as they choose in the time available. However teams can decide to collaborate, share best practices and even join with the other teams to create synergy and win/win relationships.

Teams will eventually move towards using the best systems created elsewhere in the organisation (ie. by other teams). The result is a powerful demonstration of how much more effective collaboration can be than internal competition.

Team of Teams is a fast moving active teambuilding event that fully engages every member of every team to create their optimal system.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Effective Management of Resources
Duration: 2 Hours Fosters Cross-team Communication
Minimum Participants: 24 High Energy
Maximum Participants: 400 Promotes Problem Solving
Team Size: 12 - 16 Participants per Team Provides Inspiration
Full Description: Download Full Description Supports Strategic Planning