Team Challenge


In Team Challenge, teams are tasked to complete a series of team challenges. The number and type of challenges are uniquely customized, including activities that require either physical exertion, mental stimulation, or both.

The mission is to complete each challenge within the allocated timeframe, with the aim to earn enough money to purchase the goods needed to complete their final project planning task.

Team Challenge is an active, invigorating event that fully involves all participants. Activities can be followed by facilitated review sessions to draw out the important team learning.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Changes Attitudes
Duration: 3 Hours - to full day Customer Service Focus
Minimum Participants: 20 Offers Review & Reflection
Maximum Participants: 300 Promotes Problem Solving
Team Size: 12 - 15 Participants per Team Supports Strategic Planning
Full Description: Download Full Description Unifies the Group