River Team Challenge


Groups will be divided into teams and complete a wide variety of team challenges and activities as well as a White Water Rafting journey. The event can be competitive between teams.

To achieve success, teams will have to carefully plan, co-ordinate, manage resources (e.g. divide the group to complete simultaneous activities), collaborate, create win/win alliances, trade information and of course create a highly effective TEAM.

It is an activity-based programme but will not involve high levels of physical exertion - mental exertion in problem solving and team working is compulsory!!

River Team Challenge is coordinated and facilitated by experienced corporate trainers who utilize strong metaphors to business situations and group discussion to ensure effective transfer of learning to professional life. It is also great fun!!!

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Outdoor Attitude Improvement
Duration:Full Day Effective Managment of Resource
Minimum Participants: 8 Networking Skills Improvement
Maximum Participants: 300 Problem Solving
Team Size: 8 - 12 Participants per Team Shared Experience
Full Description: Download Full Description Unifies the Group