An exciting development program that strongly emphasizes on unifying teams together by encompassing music and rhythm. Partake in this exciting and head bopping event that will develop not only your sense of rhythm but as well will strengthen your teambuilding skills, build-up cooperation within team members and energizes the soul with positive energy.


Teambuilding on a grand musical scale�as the entire group transforms into a giant percussion band.


Blow the Blues Away
Envoking the sounds of the deep South, the blues harmonic is more than just a muscial instrument. In the right hands it is a tool that can transform teams by stretching personal limits, opening minds, and bringing individuals together in a unique and compelling way.


Inspiring unity as your team are challenged to become a string Orchestra in less than ONE HOUR!!


One Voice
The One Voice experience that creates team harmony through the power of song to benefit your workforce.


Revel Music
Beat the drum for a common purpose and harmonise the energy and spontaneity of people working together well.