Rat Trap

Imagine the atmosphere as your team enters a giant adult toyshop full of Meccano! The objective is to build a series of large contraptions which, when placed in the right sequence, perform an amazing chain reaction of events in which each device triggers the next through a series of ingenious chain reactions!

If each team delivers an accurate construction, the final will trap will be triggered dropping a 1 ton weight and the rat gets it (well not literally).

Rat Trap is a team building event where groups work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Rather than being led by instructions, teams use their own ingenuity to work out what goes where and who does what. This means the end result is a pure representation of their endeavours, resourcefulness and communication. The trick with Rat Trap is for teams to be conscious of the bigger picture, as each structure has to be built in the right way and be placed in the right position for everything to work.

The end result, which started life as a room full of bits, never fails to inspire groups and show them what they are capable of when they apply a little teamwork and lateral thinking.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Develops Planning
Duration: 1 - 3 Hours Focus on Planning & Logic
Minimum Participants: 20 Focus on Results
Maximum Participants: 600 One Team One Goal
Team Size: 5 - 15 Participants per Team Resource Management
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