Rags to Riches



Rags To Riches is a hugely enjoyable Coporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that encourages you to give back to your community and, at the same time, recycle unwanted items.

In the lead up to your conference we help you organise the collection of clothing and any other ‘quality’ items from the delegates.

At the conference teams take part in a dynamic networking and communications challenge to recreate a giant version of their logo (or bespoke image) using all the donated items.

There is an ideal photo opportunity at the end as everyone celebrates their collective creativity. We then arrange for the delivery of all the goods to the chosen charities.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Benefits Society
Duration: 1 - 3 Hours Creates Brand Awareness
Minimum Participants: 20 Creates a Positive Attitude
Maximum Participants: Unlimited Networking
Team Size: 8 - 12 Participants per Team Shared Experience
Full Description: Download Full Description Stimulates Creativity