Puppet Masters

Breathing life and soul into a pile of inanimate objects is a tough call. Puppet Masters is a whole heap of fun but it also really challenges team to think about breaking a project into achievable steps!

Have you ever considered how many individual actions it takes to walk? As you shift your weight from one leg to the other you engage your hips, abs, waist and back while maintaining balance, it takes extreme co-ordination

To succeed each team has to become a ‘nerve centre’ controlling a myriad of movements to wow their colleagues with an effortless performance. Puppet Masters is a fully inclusive team activity where everybody must have a clear understanding of their role in the bigger picture.

You’ve undoubtedly seen 10 metre puppets on the sidelines of football matches and parading centre stage at the Olympics and not given a thought to the creativity and empathy required to make these giants appear human.

Put your team’s communication, process improvement and operational excellence skills to the test in Puppet Masters. And, it’s not all serious teamwork enhancement! Imagine the hilarity as each team member takes control of a different body part and attempts to mimic human actions like walking, waving or blowing a kiss.

In the finale, the laughs continue as teams are required to make their puppet perform a popular dance move like Gangnam Style, bringing the house down.
Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Project Planning
Duration: 2 - 3.5 Hours Creative Use of Resource
Minimum Participants: 15 Understanding Body Language
Maximum Participants: Unlimited Crystaline Communication
Video: View Video Shared Experience
Full Description: Download Full Description Adaptable to Theme and Company Message