Olympic Record Breakers


A high energy team activity focused on setting and beating targets all with an Olympic theme and powerful messaging. Teams rotate between different record setting zones located around the venue in a specific sequence.

At each record zone the team will be given specific instructions on that challenge and thereafter will have a limited time to plan, practice and perfect their record breaking attempt. The present record for each challenge will be displayed with teams trying to break the record for that particular challenge.

After a specific time period all teams will rotate to their next challenge and attempt to break the record on that challenge. Final scores are determined by the number of records a team holds at the close of the competition.

The Olympic challenges will be customized for the specific venue but will be engaging, interactive team competitive events. The official records and record breakers will be recognized at the closing ceremony

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Outdoor Cross Functional Co-operation
Duration: 3 -4 Hours Exploring Excellence
Minimum Participants: 24 Fun & Motivation
Maximum Participants: 500 Srategy Communication
Team Size: 10 - 14 Participants per Team Uniting Teams
Full Description: Download Full Description Team Dynamics