Making the News


This fun, fast-paced and energetic teambuilding challenge will take your team out of their comfort zone and drop them into the world of newspaper publishing. The task sounds simple.

All the teams have to do is create the front page of a newspaper that reports on the day’s conference. Like professional news reporters, they need to identify the big stories and then follow cryptic tip-offs to find vital information and leads. The team’s reporters will then have to hit the streets to track down subjects to interview and capture the all-important award-winning front page photograph, based on a set of supplied criteria.

But the teams will have to do much more than just get the scoop. They will have to name their newspapers, complete a number of articles, create a cartoon, design an advertisement and even write a ‘business forecast’.

With Making the News, each team will publish a unique and interesting interpretation of the conference messages. These will be printed large scale and displayed for all to see.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Creates Brand Awareness
Duration: 2 Hours+ Develops Networking Skills
Minimum Participants: 24 Offers Review & Reflection
Maximum Participants: 200 Supportst Strategic Planning
Team Size: 8 - 12 Participants per Team Unifies the Group
Video: View Video Visualising the Future
Full Description: Download Full Description