Knowing Me Knowing You

An engaging, competitive, interactive icebreaking and relationship building activity perfect for meeting and conference groups.

Each delegate belonging to a team, the delegates have to find their other team members and find their allocated area. Once team members have introduced themselves to each other, our Event Director will introduce the challenge and talk them through the task ahead.

Each delegate will have a “Game Card” which asks them to disclose 3 Personal characteristics and 3 Professional characteristics about themselves. Each delegate has a specific goal to achieve within each 5 minute period. The first period consists of each person finding as many people in the room as possible who have just 1 characteristic in common with them. There will be points available for each person they find with 1 common characteristic.

Period 2, similar to period 1, but this time they have to find someone who has 2 characteristics in common with them. Period 3, similarly to Periods 1 and 2, this time 3 common characteristics is the target.

At this point teams will be brought back into their original teams and asked to tally up their points. Then the bonus round will be introduced.

The bonus round is where each delegate needs to find at least one person who has with 4, 5, or 6 characteristic matches. If they manage to find more, then they have demostrated excellent networking skills throughous the event. Once this person (s) has been found, the delegates take a Polaroid photograph of the "group" and identify on the photo what they have in common. All of the photographs will be displayed together for all delegates to view.
Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor Breaks the Ice
Duration: 20 Minutes - 1 Hour Developing Network Skills
Minimum Participants: 10 Developes Communication Skill
Maximum Participants: 500 Shared Experience
Team Size: N/A
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