Modern technology has shaped our form of interaction into many different shapes and forms, causing us to forget the value of team. Some have forgotten the skills to communicate with others face-to-face while some never had it. This is the chance to kick start those skills and use them as we offer the chance through interactability.


Body Rap
Quick, quirky & incredibly effective, Body Rap is the answer. This off-the-wall musical conference pick-me-up is guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience & will inject life & vigour into your meeting just when you need it.


Boom Time
Boomwhackers are precision tuned musical tubes which your team uses to smack, thwack and thump themselves into a musical frenzy. This infectious icebreaker transforms any conference room into a colourful, fast-paced orchestra that is sure to get everyone engaged, enthused and energised.


Corporate Bodybuilding
Every individual plays a vital role in how a company operates, how it is perceived and how successful it can ultimately become. Indeed, people are the greatest asset of every organization.


Fever Pitch
Capture the passion of football & bring the emotion of a big international into your conference. Fever Picth is a fun, flexible energizer where delegates are challenged to create their own sound effects to accompany a montage of big match action.


In the Picture
Time flies and time can pass you by...but there must always be time to communicate, to keep people in the picture.


Knowing Me Knowing You
With each delegate belonging to a team, the delegates have to find their other team members and find their allocated area.


Mahana means ENERGY in the traditional language of Maori warriors. This unique and powerful energizer allows delegates to fully tap into and harness the energy of their own "warrior within!"


Meditainment is the most effective way to ensure you get 100% of your delegates in 'the zone' and receptive to your conference messages.


Mexican Railway
Imagine for a minute the power of a Mexican Wave and the way that it livens up an audience. Instead of simply throwing your arms in the air now imagine that the whole audience is holding a lightweight railway track in the air above their heads and transporting cargo along it.


Warp Speed
A fast moving active team-building event that fully engages every member of small or large groups in a unique combinaton of competition and collaboration.


We Can Do
"All things begin with one" - Tatsuo Shimabuku!