Our creative teambuilding programs compel participants to learn and apply smart strategies and creative thinking - to push individuals to think of out-of-the-box ideas and strategies as well as assimilate cooperativeness among team members and partners. We combine effective strategizing and teambuilding skills with unique and creative fun activities for an easy and unique way of learning.


Bridging the Divide
Teams design, construct and test a bridge to meet customer specifications whilst working within limited budgets, resource availability and timelines.


City Builders
City Builders is a unique, multifaceted collaborative project planning team activity where small groups plan, design and build an integrated, sustainable city.


Flat Out Afloat
The world's most innovative and exciting 'build your own boat' concept!


Flat Out Chariot Challenge
Teams are encouraged to pull together in this inspiring challenge which combines the skills of creativity and communication.


Flat Out Formula 1
The ultimate team test, where working effectively and efficiently means milliseconds - the difference between the podium and the pits.


Flat Out Pyramids
The sky is the limit when teams realise the power of working together.


Flat Out Rickshaw Rally
This hilarious team experience imitates the hustle and bustle of everyday life, mimicked by a fast and furios, deadline-driven challenge.


Rat Trap
The inspiration for Rat Trap comes direct from the famous board game Mousetrap, except ours is bigger and better!