In this fast-paced photographic treasure hunt, teams dash around a city to take on a series of challenges that test the key business skills of leadership, creativity, strategy, and time management. Above all, teamwork will be essential if they are to achieve their goals and beat the competition.

Teams are sent out into the streets of the city armed with a camera, map and a set of challenges. Their task is to shoot a series of photographs at specific locations that prove they succeeded in fulfilling the challenges that range from easy to downright difficult and put themselves in the picture to prove it.

Fast paced and full-on, Hotshots is not an experience for the faint hearted. Teams have to think on their feet and move like lightning to work through the challenges and get their photographs back to base before the deadline where the scores are totalled and pictures displayed so that everyone can share in each teams' adventures.
Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Outdoor Encourages Shared Vision & Goals
Duration: 2 Hours - 1 day Promotes Problem Solving
Minimum Participants: 10 Reinforces Creative Thinking
Maximum Participants: 400 Shared Experience
Team Size: 8 - 12 Participants per Team Supports Strategic Planning
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