Flat Out Rickshaw Rally


The word “rickshaw” originates from Japanese, which when literally translated means “human-powered vehicle”. Today, rickshaws are common place around the world and are used to transport the social elite or the curiously minded tourist.

Flat out Rickshaw Rally tests competing teams abilities to construct a lifesize cardboard model of one of the world’s most original modes of transport. Working from detailed construction plans, each team has to combine their talents and build a sturdy, road worthy rickshaw that is able transport two anxious ‘clients’ across the bustling ‘city’ and back.

Once built, teams decorate their rickshaws with flowers, garlands and paraphernalia to attract paying clientele.

The event crescendos with a time trialled obstacle course dash that simulates the delivery and collection of important clients from one end of a busy city to the other.

Flat Out Rickshaw Rally is a comical, hyped up caper that has delegates laughing and cheering as teams compete, knowing full well that teamwork, managing deadlines and an ability to communicate are the real winners!

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor / Outdoor Creates Brand Awareness
Duration: 2 - 3 Hours High Energy
Minimum Participants: 20 Promotes Problem Solving
Maximum Participants: 400 Reinforces Creative Thinking
Team Size: 12 - 16 Participants per Team Supports Strategic Planning
Video: View Video Visualising the Future
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