Fever Pitch



Fever Pitch is a fun, flexible football themed energizer where delegates are challenged to create their own sound effects and soccer cheers to accompany a montage of big match action.

The group is split into two teams, reds and blues, led by an engaging 'manager' teams are shown a series of football video clips each with it's own defined sound effect. Sections of the audience are responsible for reproducing these on demand and most importantly in harmony with their colleagues.

Both vocal and physical actions include, kick off whistle, thwack of ball against boot the OOh of a missed shot, slap of the ball on chest, thud of ball against post and of course the crazy south American Goooaaall as the ball hits the back of the net!

Participants are allocated an increasing range of verbal and instrumental sound effects that they have to produce to accompany the match action including passionate team chants from the terraces. Each scenario is rehearsed guided by the team managers.

The series of clips reaches Fever Pitch as the match climaxes with a penalty shootout. The winning team gets to celebrate with a Mexican wave front to back of the room.

Fast, Physical and highly entertaining Fever Pitch is designed to engage your audience and put a smile on their faces.
Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor Breaks the Ice
Duration: 10 - 30 Minutes Creates a Positive Attitude
Minimum Participants: 10 Fun
Maximum Participants: 350 High Energy
Team Size: 10 - 12 Participants per Teams Process Improvement
Full Description: Download Full Description Unifies the Group