Venture into a new and exciting unknown while fulfilling tasks given that encourages both mental and physical skills. This creative and adventurous encourages groups to grasp the essential skills of teambuilding, strategic planning, and leadership.


The passport to an adventure brimming with fun and creative teamwork while exploring your conference city.


Go Team
A high-tech treasure hunt that turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure.


Are your people ready for one of the most exciting city-based events yet? Have they got what it takes to take on Hotshots?


The Great Race
A fun, high energy and active corporate team event that incorporates a totally unique way to explore the city.


Travel Show
They say Travel Show hosts have the best jobs in the world - a job to kill for... Are your people ready to take on that role in one of the most exciting location-based evetns yet.

These unique events are provided in Sabah, Malaysia only.


Borneo Jungle Adventure
A unique shared experience of trekking through and exploring the beautiful Borneo jungle while enjoying a range of competitive team challenge including trekking, building bridges, firing a catapult or blowpipe.


River Team Challenge
A unique, exciting, dynamic and fun event that fully utilizes the beautiful natural environment.


South China Sea Challenge
A unique, fast moving, high energy, multi faceted competitive corporate team loosely based on a "Survivor" theme.