Educational Expeditions Activities

  1. Jungle Trekking and Camping
    Groups learn the skills necessary for surviving in a tropical jungle environment. They then trek with our jungle guides and apply the skills learnt in the Borneo Rainforest.

  2. Mountain Biking
    Groups bike on a pre-determined route on tropical terrain alongside our guides. An opportunity to see local villages whilst challenging oneself to a test of endurance.

  3. Mount Kinabalu
    A 2-day climb to the summit of Mount Kinabalu (4095 metres) the highest mountain in South East Asia, provides a unique and powerful group experience. Climbers stay overnight in a mountain hut before climbing to the summit to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. A unique challenge that provides participants with an incredible sense of achievement.

  4. White Water Rafting
    Professional raft guides lead rafting expeditions down rivers negotiating rapids of various grades.

  5. Wildlife
    Borneo’s most famous residents such as the orang utan and an abundance of other wildlife can be observed in their natural rainforest environment.

  6. Sea Adventures
    Groups can do overnight stays at the islands, kayaking, snorkeling and even scuba diving to give a balanced experience of mountain, jungle and sea!

  7. Village Homestays
    Groups trek to and stay in rural villages living with the local people and experiencing a different way of life. This can be combined with working on community projects.

  8. Zip Borneo (
    A purpose built 330 metre zip line and 18 metre high challenge tower in a beautiful riverside environment