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  • Activeability

    Asia Ability's Activeability offers powerful team learning generated through active, fun and often competitive themed activities. The options are all creative, engaging, flexible team building events that fully involve every group member.

  • Businessability

    Asia Ability's Businessability team events are unique and creative business focused activities that replicate this fast moving environment. They encourage strategic thinking, networking, influence skills, negotiation and creative problem solving.

  • Createability

    Introducing a beautiful harmony of fun, laughter, teambuilding and somewhat crazy ideas, Asia Ability presents Createability! A chance for everyone to contribute their ideas, draw out their hidden talents and see things in a new light.

  • Exploreability

    Venture into a new and exciting unknown while fulfilling tasks that encourage both mental and physical development. These creative and at times adventurous activities encourage groups to grasp the essential skills of teambuilding, overcoming challenge and strategic planning.

  • Innovateability

    Our innovative teambuilding programs compel participants to learn and apply smart strategies and creative thinking. Individuals overcome what are initially seen as major challenges through out-of-the-box ideas and strategies while cooperating with their team members.

  • Interactability

    Modern technology has shaped our form of interaction into many different shapes and forms, causing us to sometimes forget the value of a closely bonded team. This is the chance to kick-start those skills and create positive group energy through powerful shared experiences.

  • Responsability

    Powerful team building experiences with an additional strong focus on giving back to a community or the environment. The rewards of the project planning and group interaction are gained internally but also shared with external beneficiaries.

  • Rhythmability

    Exciting development programs that unify teams by encompassing music and rhythm. Partake in these exciting and head bopping events that will strengthen your teamwork, build cooperation and energize the soul with a positive energy boost.