City Builders

City Builders is a unique, multifaceted collaborative project planning team activity where small groups plan, design and build a scale model of an integrated, sustainable city.

Each team is responsible for designing and building one section of the model city. Teams will carefully divide roles within their team members arrange project planning meetings with other teams and planning authorities. The need to effectively communicate internally within larger organization is vital to manage aggressive schedules and timelines. Teams will also need to be creative in utilizing limited recycle resources and consistently retain focus on sustainability.

The City is build as an actual scale model where the number and variety of each sections will be determined by the total group size or number of teams. Example for a large groups, there will be multiple sections in the city areas such as Financial District, Residential Areas, Shopping Districts and even Airport. Each section needs to accurately connect with each other.

Each team will then present their city area and highlight itís sustainable design features. An option to have the city install with lights by using bicycle power generator on site being pedal hard by someone to light up the City!!

City Builders incorporates a strong focus on sustainability including recycling, energy efficiency and carbon offset.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor Encourages Problem Solving
Duration: 2 - 3 Hours Environmental Awareness
Minimum Participants: 20 Unifies the Group
Maximum Participants: 500 Shared Experience
Team Size: 6 - 8 Participants per Team
Full Description: Download Full Description