The business world is tough and ever changing, a challenge for the fresh and matured businessmen to keep up with the times. Businessability�s development programs supports strategic planning, develops networking and negotiation skills and promotes problem solving through fun and exciting activities�.


Bean Around the world
A fast paced, dynamic and highly thought provoking game based on coffee trading that will stimulate the energy in any conference programme.


Making the News
Teams will literally create front page news with a teambuilding challenge that goes beyond the headlines and gets to the real story of your conference messages.


Thai Traders
A Thai-themed business trading game that explores the skills of negotiation, information gathering and network building. Ruthless negotiation, creative thinking and strategic planning make the richest tribe in the city.


Trade Winds
Trade Winds is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust - an excellent icebreaker or conference interlude.


Trading Matrix
A fun, high energy, active event where teams trade between various "ports" in order to earn as much profit as possible.