Bean Around the World


Bean Around the World is a dynamic and thought-provoking trading game that stimulates and energizes any conference programme and generates fresh ideas and approaches to business.

With Bean Around the World, teams play the part of coffee traders in the supply chain from producer to outlet and finally to the ever-fickle consumer.

This competitive game really captures the essence of new economy teams and focuses on such issues as: short-term success versus long-term strategy; risk management; managing supplier and customer needs within a complex supply chain; and the power of good information.

Specifications Key Business Benefits
Venue: Indoor Attitudes Improvement
Duration: 1 1/2 Hours Customer Services Improvement
Minimum Participants: 12 Develops Networking Skills
Maximum Participants: 120 Offers Review & Reflection
Team Size: 12 Team Promotes Problem Solving
Video: View Video Strategic Planning
Full Description: Download Full Description Visualizing the Future