Bean Around the World
A fast paced, dynamic and highly thought provoking game based on coffee trading that will stimulate the energy in any conference programme.


Teambuilding on a grand musical scale…as the entire group transforms into a giant percussion band.


Blow the Blues Away
Envoking the sounds of the deep South, the blues harmonic is more than just a muscial instrument. In the right hands it is a tool that can transform teams by stretching personal limits, opening minds, and bringing individuals together in a unique and compelling way.


Body Rap
Quick, quirky & incredibly effective, Body Rap is the answer. This off-the-wall musical conference pick-me-up is guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience & will inject life & vigour into your meeting – just when you need it.


Boom Time
Boomwhackers are precision tuned musical tubes which your team uses to smack, thwack and thump themselves into a musical frenzy. This infectious icebreaker transforms any conference room into a colourful, fast-paced orchestra that is sure to get everyone engaged, enthused and energised.


Borneo Jungle Adventure
A unique shared experience of trekking through and exploring the beautiful Borneo jungle while enjoying a range of competitive team challenge including trekking, building bridges, firing a catapult or blowpipe.


Building a Dream
A powerful and incredibly fulfilling teambuilding event that fully engages every participant in a team challenge to correctly assemble brand new bicycles.


Bridging the Divide
Teams design, construct and test a bridge to meet customer specifications whilst working within limited budgets, resource availability and timelines.


City Builders
City Builders is a unique, multifaceted collaborative project planning team activity where small groups plan, design and build an integrated, sustainable city.


Commercial Break
Let an over-the-top commercial give your products or services a brand new look.


Corporate Bodybuilding
Every individual plays a vital role in how a company operates, how it is perceived and how successful it can ultimately become. Indeed, people are the greatest asset of every organization.


Inspiring unity as your team are challenged to become a string Orchestra in less than ONE HOURS!!


Dragon Squad
Celebrate Chinese New Year with a teambuilding activity that focuses on projet management and performance.


Essence of Excellence
'Signature Scents' are big business. But behind the glossy ads are theams of professional alchemists, experimenting with all manner of exotic extracts to capture the essence of their celebrity endorsers.


Fever Pitch
Capture the passion of football & bring the emotion of a big international into your conference. Fever Picth is a fun, flexible energizer where delegaes are challenged to create their own sound effects to accompany a montage of big match action.


Fifteen Famous Minutes
Fifteen Famous Minutes will see teams juggle egos and control airtime while lighting up the silver screen with their own Hollywood classic.


Flat Out Afloat
The world's most innovative and exciting 'build your own boat' concept!


Flat Out Chariot Challenge
Teams are encouraged to pull together in this inspiring challenge which combines the skills of creativity and communication.


Flat Out Formula 1
The ultimate team test, where working effectively and efficiently means milliseconds - the difference between the podium and the pits.


Flat Out Pyramids
The sky is the limit when teams realise the power of working together.


Flat Out Rickshaw Rally
This hilarious team experience imitates the hustle and bustle of everyday life, mimicked by a fast and furios, deadline-driven challenge.


The passport to an adventure brimming with fun and creative teamwork while exploring your conference city.


A unique, fun, competitive team event with a strong focus on environmental education and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Go Team
A high-tech treasure hunt that turns any area into an amazing race full of interaction and adventure.


Are your people ready for one of the most exciting city-based events yet? Have they got what it takes to take on Hotshots?


In the Picture
Time flies and time can pass you by...but there must always be time to communicate, to keep people in the picture.


Knowing Me Knowing You
With each delegate belonging to a team, the delegates have to find their other team members and find their allocated area.


Making the News
For two or three hours taem will literally create front page news with a teambuilding challenge that goes beyond the headlines and gets to the real story of your conference messages.


Mahana means ENERGY in the traditional language of Maori warriors. This unique and powerful energizer allows delegates to fully tap into and harness the energy of their own "warrior within!"


Meditainment is the most effective way to ensure you get 100% of your delegates in the 'the zone' and receptive to your conference messages.


Mexican Railway
Imagine for a minute the power of a Mexican Wave and the way that it livens up an audience. Instead of simply throwing your arms in the air now imagine that the whole audience is holding a lightweight railway track in the air above their heads and transporting cargo along it.


Olympic Record Breakers
A high energy team activity focused on setting and beating targets all with an Olympic theme and powerful messaging. Team rotate between different record setting zones located around the venue in a specific sequence.


One Voice
The One Voice experience that creates team harmony through the power of song to benefit your workforce.


Operation Launch
Innovation, out-of-the-box thinking of course military precision all come in to play as teams race to build the most accurate and effective catapult.


Puppet Masters
Have you ever considered how many individual actions it takes to walk? As you shift your weight from one leg to the other you engage your hips, abs, waist and back while maintaining balance, it takes extreme co-ordination!


Rags to Riches
Rags to Riches is a hugely enjoyable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that encourages you to give back to your community and at the same time, recycle unwanted items.


Rat Trap
The inspiration for Rat Trap comes direct from the famous board game Mousetrap, except ours is bigger and better!


Revel Music
Beat the drum for a common purpose and harmonise the energy and spontaneity of people working together well.


River Team Challenge
A unique, exciting, dynamic and fun event that fully utilizes the beautiful natural environment.


South China Sea Challenge
A unique, exciting, dynamic and fun event that fully utilizes the beautiful natural environment. A unique, fast moving, high energy, multi faceted competitive corporate team loosely based on a "Survivor" theme.


Team Challenge
A fun and competitive team event that sees team faced with a variety of challenges required to enable them to work towards a final, larger task!


Team of Teams
A fast moving active teambuilding event that fully engages every member of every team to strive to create the optimal system.


Team Survival
A unique, fast moving, high energy, multi faceted competitive corporate team loosely based on a "Survivor" theme.


Thai Traders
A Thai-themed business trading game that explores the skills of negotiation, information gathering and network building. Ruthless negotiation, creative thinking and strategic planning make the richest tribe in the city.


The Big Picture
It's a frame up! Teams brush up on their artistic skills, creating a masterpiece of epic proportion. All they need is the 'Big Picture' approach.


The Great Race
A fun, high energy and active corporate team event that incorporates a totally unique way to explore the city.


Time Bound
Unlock laughter and break down barriers as your team get hands on to create a life-size model capturing a moment in time.


Trade Winds
Trade Winds is a supercharged game of information gathering, haggling and building trust - an excellent icebreaker or conference interlude.


Trading Matrix
A fun, high energy, active event where teams trade between various "ports" in order to earn as much profit as possible.


Travel Show
They say Travel Show hosts have the best jobs in the world - a job to kill for... Are your people ready to take on that role in one of the most exciting location-based evetns yet.


Toy Factory
Toy Factory is an engaging team event with focus on efficiency, creativity and process improvement with in addition a Corporate Social Responsibility twist.


Two Tribes
Designed to set the pulse racing, this healthy experience is all about integrity, inclusion and mutual respect. The unique format of Two Tribes creates a level playing field, introducing participants to traditional sports, which they may not otherwise experience.


Warp Speed
A fast moving active team-building event that fully engages every member of small or large groups in a unique combinaton of competition and collaboration.


We Can Do
"All things begin with one" - Tatsuo Shimabuku.


You Bet You Can
You Bet You Can captures YOUTUBE mania and positions it in a flexible teambuilding context that can be tailored to specific themes.